Our health domain knowledge means that we understand the potential of healthcare IT solutions to deliver better patient outcomes.


MKM Health has a range of products and solutions to improve patient safety and outcomes, avoid harm, and improve efficiency and effectiveness. These solutions are designed to enhance existing IT health systems, deliver early benefits, and align with local and national priorities.


  • Patientrack: a complete digital & mobile bedside solution proven to improve patient safety, quality & efficiency of care in one easy-to-use application.
  • Blood360: handles the fundamental requirements of blood tracking and guarantees the integrity and security of clinical blood products entering a healthcare provider’s premises.


MKM Health have developed tools to assist health organisations maximise and further customise existing core systems to better suit organisational needs. Fully integrated, cost effective and implemented with little disruption to existing systems, our tools that keep the 'engine room’ running include:


  • MKM ValidationEngine: Business rules software for Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and patient related applications, that can trigger custom messages to the user.
  • MKM ContextEngine: A program that switches between systems and passes information in context to maintain the patient information and improve the user experience.
  • MKM SearchAudit: A data privacy program that captures who and when attempts are made to access patient information.