Patientrack is a complete digital and mobile bedside solution proven to improve patient safety, quality and efficiency of care in one easy-to-use application.


Patientrack helps hospitals improve patient care by planning and performing patient observations, assessments, and clinical documentation at the bedside, thereby ensuring the early detection of, and timely clinical response to deteriorating patients and those at risk, 24x7.

Electronic observations, assessments, risk scoring & alerting

No more missed observations or assessments. Highly configurable and personalised patient monitoring and assessment. Automatically initiates appropriate follow up tasks, care plans, referrals, and alerts.

Real-time patient data presented as & when needed 24x7

Clinical notes, patient status and care plan information presented when and where required, whether to support raised alerts, referrals, handover, or infection control.

Improved team collaboration & communication

Highly configurable alerting and communication via an individual’s preferred communication channel including paging, SMS, email and instant messaging. Enhances collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams as well as supporting tiered response to deteriorating patients, outreach, MET and other services.

Enhanced ward processes & task management

Real-time patient data presented in your chosen way to support staff planning, personalised care planning, bed management, discharge planning, handover, ward rounds, prioritised patient care, Hospital at Night as well as scheduling and completion of both patient and non-patient (e.g. porter) tasks.

Status, compliance & performance reporting

Clinicians can see personalised views of patient data and outstanding alerts and tasks, while ward-to-board reporting helps hospitals monitor patient status, clinical performance and compliance thereby reinforcing a culture focused on quality and continuous improvement.