MKM Health Engine Room

Fully integrated, cost effective and implemented with minimum disruption; our tools keep the ‘engine room’ humming.


MKM Health has developed tools to assist health organisations to maximise and customise existing core systems to better suit their organisational needs. 

MKM ValidationEngine

MKM ValidationEngine (VE) is a software tool that provides business rules for Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and other patient related applications.

This solution validates the data as it is entered to minimise costly downstream corrections. VE is designed to help align IT systems more completely with business processes and data validation rules. Business rules are user defined and can trigger custom messages to the user. It allows an additional ‘tier’ of defined business rules to be applied to the entered data, integrating seamlessly with hospital systems and work practices.

MKM Health is using this technology to assist in other areas such as providing enterprise views of appointments (across multiple sources), and implementing context based calls to an application programming interface for more expansive Patient Index queries.

MKM ContextEngine

MKM ContextEngine (CE) is a program that allows the user to switch between systems and passes information in context to maintain the patient information and improve the user experience. It also extends the functionality of MKM ValidationEngine by allowing rules and context passing between applications. Actions can be captured in the source application, which then pass details and force actions within a target application.

MKM ContextEngine allows organisations to streamline the users experience across multiple applications. It can move from a defined action or keystroke in the source application and will copy relevant details into the target screens in the second application.

The solution can deliver significant benefit and cost saving, including removing the need for manual intervention in identifying the offending data (from supplied error reports). It can also be used to carry patient details from PAS to a third-party solution such as Community Health, Mental Health, or Clinical portals.

MKM SearchAudit

MKM SearchAudit is a data privacy program that captures who attempted to access patient information and when. It was developed from and an increase in demand for requests to investigate inappropriate access to demographic data. There was also need for a reduction in duplicate registrations by identifying repeat offenders, and to assist and enforce demographic search standards with monitoring.

The application captures search information from all demographic access points within i.PM and records all entered search criteria within the Patient Search screen. It captures who accessed demographic information and when.

MKM SearchAudit complies with health privacy requirements, promotes enforcement of local privacy standards, closes the audit loop, lowers the total cost of ownership through targeted identification and training, is quick and easy to implement, and helps with security compliance.