Improve Patient Outcomes

Our vision is ‘best patient outcomes’ and we are passionate about improving patient outcomes, avoiding harm and improving efficiency and effectiveness.



Patientrack is a complete digital & mobile bedside solution proven to improve patient safety, quality & efficiency of care in one easy-to-use application.

Patientrack helps hospitals improve patient care by planning and performing patient observations, assessments and clinical documentation at the bedside, thereby ensuring the early detection of, and timely clinical response to deteriorating patients and those at risk 24x7.



Blood360 handles the fundamental requirements of blood tracking and guarantees the integrity and security of clinical blood products entering a healthcare provider’s premises. Right Blood, Right Patient.


MKM ImageConnect

MKM ImageConnect gives power to clinicians to view and store patient related images, videos and documents at the point of care: reducing frustration and administration while saving time and improving workflow.

MKM ImageConnect is a DICOM archival solution that provides access to a consolidated patient record and enables images to be securely distributed, stored, archived, managed and made accessible via a clinical web viewer integrated with the EMR.