Empowering the Victorian State Department of Health and Human Services

The Victorian State Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recently signed a five year agreement for the ongoing use and support of MKM ValidationEngine.


MKM ValidationEngine (VE) is a software tool that provides business rules for Patient Administration Systems (PAS). These business rules are user defined and can trigger custom messages to the user. It allows an additional ‘tier’ of defined business rules to be applied to the entered data, integrating seamlessly with hospital systems and work practices. It is designed to help align IT systems more completely with business processes and data validation rules.

The VE product has been successfully used by the DHHS for a number of years to provide validation upon data entry into the PAS. To encourage our clients to fully maximise the benefits VE, MKM Health has enhanced the product to allow clients to develop and build their own business rules for PAS, through the addition of front end rules builder.

With eleven different health agencies using the systems, it could sometimes be challenging to get agreement and backing to extend the rules that would be beneficial across all sites. In recognition of this challenge across the client base, MKM Health proposed to pass back control and allow clients to build their own rules to improve data quality and reduce the effort of downstream data correction.

It was recommended that each of the health agencies elect appropriately skilled staff members to attend training in the VE rules builder language. The training seminar consists of both theory and practical application of building rules to provide real hands-on experience with guidance from MKM Health’s expert instructors and developers. The ability to develop their own rules in-house gives DHHS local control of rules that can also be shared across agencies, internal teams can deploy rules faster to meet changing business priorities and at a lower cost than engaging an external supplier.

MKM Health’s current clients have benefited from using the tools to create their own rules. The advantage of using VE includes, more accurate data capture; revenue savings from the reduction of manually fixing data errors and; improved data integrity for statutory reporting and revenue collection.

MKM Health is continuing to develop the VE rules builder application and future releases will include enhanced front-end screens for improved usability. We are also using this technology to assist in other areas such as providing enterprise views of appointments (across multiple sources), and implementing context based calls to an application programming interface for more expansive Patient Index queries.


The Department of Health and Human Services 

On 1 January 2015, the Victorian Government established the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) to integrate health and human services policies, programs and regulation of health services to improve the wellbeing of all Victorians. This includes mental health and aged care services, further information can be found at www.health.vic.gov.au.


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